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Small Hotel in Spain Combines Rustic and Contemporary Details

Small Hotel in Spain Combines Rustic and Contemporary Details

architecture charming hotelThis small hotel, designed by Lucas and Hernández-Gil Architects, was developed in two old houses.  Located in a charming medieval village in Segovia, Spain, Hotel Ayllón features a combination of rustic and contemporary elements. The project developers sought to preserve the original details of these dwellings.
“The main idea was to create a simple and sober effect,” the designers said. “The site itself provides calmness, with shades of color that give freshness just like the poppies in the Castilian wheat fields. The route to the hotel is a great experience for guests because it unveils the complexity of the surrounding medieval architecture.”
charming hotel (2)The hotel has 18 rooms and three common dining areas. A courtyard unites the two remodeled houses. Wood was used extensively throughout the interiors, creating a warm and comfortable feel.
Contemporary furniture and splashes of color add personality. The attic rooms are particularly welcoming, with their cottage-like ambiance and windows overlooking the medieval village. [Photos by Jara Varela]
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How To Choose and Hang Curtains

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With the right tools and some planning, you can hang new curtains to freshen up your home's decor.

Tools & Materials


  • Hammer
  • Ladder
  • Level (at least 2 feet long)
  • Power Drill
  • Safety Glasses
  • Screwdriver
  • Stud Finder
  • Tape Measure


  • Curtains
  • Curtain Hardware
  • Curtain Rod
  • Drywall Anchors

Product costs, availability and item numbers may vary online or by market.

Before you buy your curtains, snap a photo of your windows. Measure the width at the top, center and bottom of the window frame. Make a sketch marking the largest measurement. Also mark nearby vents, light switches and electrical outlets so that you don't cover them.
The size of your curtains makes a difference in the room's decor:
  • 63-inch curtains usually sit at or just below the sill.
  • 84-inch curtains sit at or just above the floor.
  • 95-inch curtains can be pooled on the floor for a more dramatic appearance.
You may need longer curtains if you're mounting the rod near the ceiling. For width, both curtains combined should be at least twice the width of the window and trim.
Along with curtain size, the rod size and placement can make a difference too. Rods that extend 2-3 inches beyond the frame give a traditional look allowing the curtains to partially cover the window when open. Extending the rod 10-15 inches beyond the trim reveals the entire window, making it look wider.

Hang the rod 6 inches above the window frame for a standard look. Or use extra-long curtains and hang the rod near the ceiling to make the room appear taller. When you're figuring out the curtain and rod placement, remember to account for how the curtain hangs on the rod (hooks, rings, tabs, grommets or pockets). If you're layering curtains, keep in mind that double-rod brackets might extend farther from the wall.

Check the package as to whether the finials are included in the total rod length.

Good to Know
As soon as you get home, remove curtains from the package and lay them across a bed to allow creases to relax. If necessary, press them smooth with a warm iron or steamer (depending on the fabric) before hanging.

2016 Interior Design Ideas on a Budget

Interior design can be a hobby or a necessity depending on the space you are given to work with. The best part is that even if you're working with virtually nothing you can spice up your surroundings without breaking the bank. Nothing feels better than lounging in a room that has been freshened up with personal touches. Small changes can make the biggest difference so always be on the lookout for minor modifications that suit your budget!
Ever Versatile Molding
Molding can be bought on the cheap and can be used for an amazing variety of purposes. They can add vertical dimension to a room or make it look wider depending on the usage and colors. Molding can always be painted and bought with a variety of bevels and designs lending to the versatility of the material. It can even be used to clean up the edges of old furniture or add depth to a flat panel door.

Assign Double Duty
 The more purpose each piece of furniture serves the less of it you need. Ottomans are often designed as hidden storage compartments which can eliminate clutter while still serving a comfortable purpose. Different items, like tables and shelving units, can be moved from room to room for last minute multi-purpose redecorating.

Repurposed Rugs
 Local carpet stores often have scraps that they will give you for little to no cost. Check out the selection to find high-quality sections of flooring that may require absolutely no treatment to turn into an amazing area rug. Combining several smaller scraps can create a different look, and edging can easily be applied for a more customized integration with existing interior design. Rugs really do tie a room together if utilized properly. Changing the flooring in a simple way like this can change the entire vibe of a room.
Tackle the Lighting
Lighting seems to have the biggest impact on the emotional aspects of a room. By changing the position, direction, and number of lights it's possible to reinvent the ambiance of the space at will. Changing from direct light to soft and diffused light can make a world of difference without investing in much more than a new lampshade. Lighting fixtures offer such a range of options that you will literally never run out of ways to change your home's atmosphere.


Consider Paint
 Painting is one of the most low-cost ways to change the visual situation of a room. From small pieces of furniture to entire walls, color or the lack thereof can play an important role in how the entire room is perceived. Contact your local hardware store about painting unusual surfaces and you may have a whole new realm of design at your disposal. This is the cheapest, easiest, and quickest pick-up for any room or space.
There is nothing a DIY interior design fan can't do with a little elbow grease and a few good ideas. Your home is your canvas, and it's important to remember that even small changes can make a huge impact. Get creative: almost anything can be undone so don't let an unsuccessful trial get you down. Interior design isn't just for the professionals--anybody has the ability to create a personal reflection through home and surroundings even on a budget.

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Color Crush

What does it mean to have a color crush?

Well at the present moment you are having a temporary infatuation usually extravagant passion or love or admiration with a particular color which means at any given time you can have another crush on any other color.  Well if you are crushing on any color at the current moment please share with us under idea shear and we will surely share with our bloggers but for now here are some colors I’m crushing on at the moment!!!

Check out: 


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Elegant Fabric Topped Side Tables

Elegant Fabric Topped Side Tables

More beautiful work by DeDe from Designed Decor. She gave these damaged leather topped tables a makeover with a coat of Elegance with some fun fabric detailing!

Have you ever been at a thrift store and run across the old leather top tables and wonder what would I do with that? How would I paint over the leather?
Elegant Fabric Side Tables #DIY #furniturepainting -
These table tops were is pretty bad shape and had a lot of cracking and small chunks of leather missing from the top. I have used Country Chic paint over the leather top in the past, but I felt these needed more.
Elegant Fabric Side Tables #DIY #furniturepainting -
I started by priming these tables with an oil based spray adhesive from Zinsser. These tables are made of Mahogany and they tend to bleed, so it’s easier to prep and be prepared than having to paint over again. I applied my new favorite color, Elegance. This color is stunning! I measured and cut fabric slightly larger than the table top in sets. I applied Wunda Size as my adhesive, trimmed the fabric to fit perfectly and sealed with Mod Podge.

Elegant Fabric Side Tables #DIY #furniturepainting -
These tables made a major transformation and are now worthy to place in a living room or used as bedside tables.
Elegant Fabric Side Tables #DIY #furniturepainting -
I also used “Liquorice” for the inside of the drawers. I like to add small details to my pieces and sometimes painting the inside of drawers gives the furniture so much more charter. I also used black spray paint for the drawer pulls to coordinate with the inside drawers.
Elegant Fabric Side Tables #DIY #furniturepainting -
Yes, one last detail, fabric on the bottom of the drawers. It’s all about the details!

Not Just A Place To Rest Shoes

Entryways are often the first impression guests have of a home. An entryway can be as functional or as decorative as a family desires, In some cases, people primarily use a foyer as a place for guests to remove shoes or wait for other people to get ready. Well in some homes the entryways are Not Just A Place to Rest Shoes!!  Beautiful entryways are almost a must in today’s homes because of the all so important first impressions. If beautiful entryways are on your mind and your looking for great inspirations for Entryways. Check out these lovely Entryways below.

Now this entryway has it all accept the shoes but that’s OK” I love the huge chandelier and the molding going up the stairs” and check out the floors... WOW!!!
Love looking up in this entryway!!! Check out the ceiling- love it!!

I love the door in this entryway its divine and check out the skin on the floor (zebra rug) love it!!!
What a beautiful stair railing its just magnificent
OK!! I guess you can see that I love the skins on the floors but check out the dark hardwood floors and the stair railing in this entryway. WOW!!!
Now what can I say about walking into this entryway. I love it
One of the things that I think of when walking into a entryway is where to sit to take off my shoes "I mean come on you don't want anyone walking on those beautiful floors do ya? I love how the benches are sitting on either side of the council table nicely done.
I love everything there is about this entryway it’s so cute and you don't see any shoes resting there do you?  It’s all glam in this lovely walkway. Check out the coat rack it looks good with the faux fur doesn’t it?  Oh I can’t forget the beautiful chandelier I think this is what gives this entryway its glam…

  • Hey!! What do you think? Are these front entryways made for shoe lounging?

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Real Estate Snitch Wednesdays- Mark Pincus Second House For Sale

Mark Pincus and his wife have put a second home up for sale; a 2,875-square-foot property located on Shader St. in the affluent San Francisco, California neighborhood of Cole Valley the couple is asking 1.97 million for the recently listed house. The real estate snitch has reported recently that the internet entrepreneur had put another home on the market in the Presidio Heights for $8.9 million within a month apart from each other.  Mark and his wife apparently are not afraid of the so called downturn of the real estate market. Hey!! "I aint mad at you", if you can do it go for it.  In-case you don't know who Mark Pincus is- Mark Pincus, is the C.E.O. of Zynga, maker of FarmVille and other games. Check out his amazing house for sale.  

Can I have the rug? Please...

Check out these stairs!!!
What a huge beautiful room!! I love all the space there is to get around.
In this room you can do it all, go to sleep or stay up and watch a movie.

Look at the amazing leather walls in this bath.. Now will this suit the taste of the buyer? "I don't know" but I can't see this being a deal breaker.

What bold colors we have!!!  “I can dig it”. I'm just not sure if the buyers will share my views but for the buyer you repainting is not hard. Don’t allow a little paint to rob you of your dream home because this house is smoking with beauty.  I don’t know about you but I can appreciate the designer that lives in this home if only all buyers can be so fortunate to buy a home that has a live in interior designer.

I will love to have a family outing in this amazing courtyard!! Beautiful

The realtor remarks...
This amazing modern re-creation of a traditional 1940's home in Cole Valley is the perfect entertaining residence. Set on a lovely and peaceful block just a few minute walk to the shops of Cole Street, this home has been designed for large scale engagements in an impactful and creative atmosphere. The main level of the home features a modern, open-plan kitchen that flows into the formal dining area with dramatic black and white accents. Nearby, the adjacent main entertaining room features expansive open spaces punctuated by a modern forest motif along the southern wall that floats past a frost shrouded staircase. The upper level master suite features panoramic city and Golden Gate Bridge views and is washed with light from three sides. Off the main level, a walk out deck overlooks the redwood covered yard below which provides for the most intimate of gatherings and urges one into the spa or to enjoy the stone pathways among the lush foliage.

Remember if this home isn't sufficient enough for you he has another home for sale atthe Presidio Heights for $8.9 million

So what do you think  about  the 2,875-square-foot property for 1.97 million!! That Mark Pimcus is selling, is it worth it or not so much?
Let me know what you think is this a home you can see yourself purchasing if money allowed or on to the next one?