Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A back-to-basics scandinavian feel summer cottage

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A back-to-basics scandinavian feel summer cottage

Over the weekend I kept hearing about the beautiful weather everyone was getting across Europe. And then suddenly it arrived here in Sweden - one balmy day. And then it disappeared as quickly as it arrived. But still it was here long enough to remind us that the summer isn't over yet. So today's post is dedicated to the last days of the fading Scandinavian summer and to Oregon based interior designer Jessica Helgerson who has chosen to spend everyday like it was summer with her family in this beautiful rurual retreat on Sauvie Island.

Interior Design by Jessica Helgerson Photography by Lincoln Barber via Remodelista
I love the back to basics nature of this home, it's just as it should be. A place where a family can be together and enjoy the outdoors. Beautiful!

Do you have a summer cottage or a retreat anywhere you love to go to just get away from it all?

My man's family have a cottage by the sea on the West coast of Sweden which his Grandfather built. It's still furnished the way it was then and has a wonderful feel to it. I love spending time there with my little family. x

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