Monday, October 1, 2012

greige and white kitchen..

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greige and white kitchen..

It was nice to take a day to rest this weekend because this week is going to get moving quickly!  We are starting our renovation this week on the kitchen finally and I am excited, I would be more excited if I did not own four million glasses that I have to wrap up!!!  I know that I am obsessed with glassware and apparently bowls but really I did not know I was that bad (note to self: do not buy any more glasses).  Aside from that I am still undecided on a color for the cabinets and the walls, I will try to get some pictures up to get your opinion on them  this week.

So I thought I would start the week off with some pictures of what my kitchen does not look like to give us all some inspiration about the subject.  

Happy Monday!

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