Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hot Decor Item: Peacock chairs

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Hot Decor Item: Peacock chairs

 Doesn't Bridget Bardot look cool sitting in this peacock chair?

Bridget Bardot's bohemian glamour, sixties-style.

About a year ago I found the most fabulous 60s peacock chair in my favourite second hand store. It is more like a flower than a peacock and looks right at home in one of my retro beach cottages (which are holiday rentals BTW). It was a little scruffy but it was transformed with a coat of coral pink/orange and just love the way it adds a touch of bohemian style to the room.

Melanie Parker at home in a Peacock chair from Black and Spiro
This month there is a new version featured on the cover of Home Beautiful, available through Equator Homewares. It reminded me that I have been planning to post about these for a while now.

A modern take from Equator Homewares, Sydney.

My own op-shop find is awaiting a new cushion.
Another cool example is in the former home of Ivy and Piper's Melanie Parker, who we did a story on for Real Living Magazine last year. Her fab yellow chair was an old one, revamped by Brisbane's Black and Spiro.

I have two more smaller peacock armchairs rescued from the "tip" pile in my mother's garage. They are destined for my new screened porch but need a coat of paint and new fabric on the cushions to modernise them.

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