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15 Ways To Squeeze In A Home Office

15 Ways To Squeeze In A Home Office - at this point a lot of model homes, from minimalist to modern fancy, of course, when you search for home design model sesuakanlah the tastes and needs of your family, all right now on the blog Home Zone Design Guidelines we will discuss about 15 Ways To Squeeze In A Home Office please read because we have Make a special update for you.

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15 Ways To Squeeze In A Home Office

15 Ways To Squeeze In A Home Office

No space for a home office? No problem. Browse our ideas for fitting your home office into a tight space. 

1.Part Dining Room, Part Office


If the dining area of your living space is also a home office, choose tall furniture for storage that complements the desk/dining table and hide away untidy stationery in boxes that can blend into the background.

2.Use One Wall 


 In a living room, dedicate one long flat wall to a desk and wall storage. Choose storage with doors to keep clutter hidden and the space neat.

3.Cram A Corner 

Your desk needn't take up too much space, but the storage can be tricky, so look to use vertical space, such as a corner beside a tall window. 

4.Use A Landing 

If you have a large landing, why not use it for something useful? A small desk, chair and good lighting will be enough to get you started - although storage may need to be put elsewhere to keep the space tidy.

5.Under The Stairs 

An underused understairs cupboard could be removed to create a much more practical space. Choose a furniture finish that matches the woodwork in your hallway to make the most of its looks and invest in good lighting.

6.Mix Display With Storage 

 If you are using a dining area as a home office, choose storage that combines glazed units for the display of attractive accessories, such as vases, with solid door units to hide away clutter.


7.Divide An Open Plan Space 

If an open plan living room/home office just won't work for you, consider dividing the space so that the smaller side becomes a devoted work area. Choose sliding doors to open up the space when you need to - and pick glass to reflect light and create the illusion of the room being more open than it is. 

8.Buy A Corner Unit 

Use space efficiently by buying furniture that fits the room available. Fitted furniture will use space better, but won't suit a living room. Instead, choose matching, free-standing furniture that complements an element of your existing decor, such as the tones of the flooring.

9.Use Bedroom Space 

If you can get the decor right, there's no reason why you can't use the tiniest of areas in a bedroom. A slim desk, painted to blend into the wall and a no compromise approach to the accessories (in other words, bag them because they work AND look nice in the room, not because they're home office buys) will be the keys to its success.

10.Hide It In The Kitchen 

If the only space you have is within your kitchen, choose really clever furniture that will free up space elsewhere. This unit houses a mini, fold out desk, and has masses of other storage space for anything from files to cornflakes

11.Disguise It 

Display space or home office? If you only use your home office irregularly - perhaps for paying bills - it's worth creating a desk that's a handsome display area for your favourite bits and pieces, then occasionally litter it with your paperwork, which can be cleared away afterwards. 

12.Buy An All In One 

If you want a contemporary style home office that won't take up a whole room, buy a unit that can house all your paperwork, clutter and computer needs behind closed doors. 

13.Put It In The Shed 

If you can insulate it well enough and have electricity run down to it, there's no reason why you can't use the shed as an occasional home office. At least it'll be quiet.

14.Put It Behind The Couch 

If you have the space to move your couch forward and slip a slim desk and chair behind it, do so. Ideally, place the desk so that it's not the first thing you see when you come into the room.

15.Be Imaginative With Storage 

Think you can't fit out a loft space with a small office? You can if you're prepared to work hard at coming up with a design that's practical and uses otherwise useless space.











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