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Mirror Sink as Main Bathroom Decor in Waterfront Home Design

Mirror Sink as Main Bathroom Decor in Waterfront Home Design - at this point a lot of model homes, from minimalist to modern fancy, of course, when you search for home design model sesuakanlah the tastes and needs of your family, all right now on the blog Home Zone Design Guidelines we will discuss about Mirror Sink as Main Bathroom Decor in Waterfront Home Design please read because we have Make a special update for you.

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Mirror Sink as Main Bathroom Decor in Waterfront Home Design

Neumann Mendro Anrulaitis studio has done designing this incredible waterfront home with mirror sink as the bathroom decor that is located in Santa Barbara County, California. Greatly serving as your private residence as well as your vacation home, this beautiful home is surrounded by the incredible natural environment; sparkling water that expands to the horizon and lush green to freshen up the air. Thus, it becomes unsurprising that this home is designed to open to the fantastic scenery.
Kitchen in Home with White Counter and Long Island near Wide Glass Walls

Panoramic Night View near Modern Home Kitchen with White Counter and Wooden Stools

Entitled as Carpinteria Foothills Residence, this beautiful one-storey home is designed with generous use of transparent glass element such as the bathroom sink mirror. This feature is specially applied for the side of this contemporary waterfront home that overlooks the spectacular natural scenery. However, it is not only the view that is brought into this home; it goes with the overflowing airy atmosphere and abundance of natural light.

With the total openness provided extensively as essential feature of this home, it is surely incredible to enjoy the scenery while relaxing in the bedroom. Thus, this bedroom certainly steals our attention easily. Who wouldn’t love this beautiful bedroom? Enjoying the sunsets in this open bedroom certainly would be a great experience to have. With the magnificent natural view that cannot be described even in thousand words, see how this bedroom interior is done in minimalist approach to allow the view stands out fantastically. As to enhance the comfort, beautiful fireplace mantel kit wrapped in warm color certainly will provide the warmth throughout this open room.

Another room that makes us falling in love instantly is this open kitchen. Located in an extremely spacious living area, this open kitchen certainly knows how to create the perfect amenities to make this heart of a home feels even more heartwarming. As if working on the delightful dishes and double sink mirror while enjoying the spectacular scenery is not fantastic enough, this modern waterfront home design certainly will make any dining time feels more delightful than ever.

Alleyway inside the Home with Wooden Floor and Wide Stone Fireplace near it

Architecture of the Home with Glass Walls and Flat Roof near Grass Yard

Bathroom in Home with Wooden Vanity and White Sink near the White Tub

Facade View of the Home with a Wooden Door and Wide Glass Walls

Home Bedroom with Wide Wooden Bed and White Quilt facing the Stone Fireplace

Home Night View with Green Garden and Wooden Interior Floor under White Ceiling

Interior View of the Home with Simple Kitchen and the Cozy Sitting Space

Night View of the Home with Wide Glass Walls and the Bright Lighting

Ornaments inside the Home near Stine Wall and Small Pond beside Green Tree

Panoramic View near the White Tub in Home Bathroom with the Wooden Floor

View of the Home Exterior with Stone Wall and the Wide Glass Walls

Terrace Space outside the Home with the Concrete Deck and some White Chairs

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