Thursday, July 30, 2015

Wooden Floor in Wooden Home Design Interior

Wooden Floor in Wooden Home Design Interior - at this point a lot of model homes, from minimalist to modern fancy, of course, when you search for home design model sesuakanlah the tastes and needs of your family, all right now on the blog Home Zone Design Guidelines we will discuss about Wooden Floor in Wooden Home Design Interior please read because we have Make a special update for you.

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Wooden Floor in Wooden Home Design Interior

Wooden Floor in Wooden Home Design Interior - This wooden home design with wooden floor has captured our attention instantly due the light and airy interior it has built beautifully. This contemporary home entitled as Los Altos Hills Residence is built in California, US, and displays the exquisite wooden exterior. Well, who says that wooden exterior only looks great for traditional home? The brilliant CCS Architecture studio has proven how this material is a great choice for a contemporary home too!
Perfectly surrounded by natural green landscape, this home benefits the fresh air surrounding. Thus, it becomes unsurprising that this contemporary wooden home design with wooden floor designs also allows perfect dose of openness to allow both airy and fresh atmosphere flowing seamlessly. However, you can see how this home is carefully designed to protect the privacy of its residents as well.

Alleyway in Home with Hardwood Floor and Wooden Dining Room near it

Alleyway in Home with White Bookshelves and White Ceiling above the Brown Floor

Back Space of Home with Wooden Wall and Wide Glass Windows near Blue Pool

Bathroom with Wooden Vanity and White Sinks in Home on Grey Floor

Details in Home with Wooden Sheleves and Simple Staircase under the White Ceiling

Lighting inside Home with Wooden Wall and Flat Roof near the Green Trees

Red Chairs in Home Breakfast Space with Wooden Table and Sectional Brown Wooden Bench

Terrace of Home with Wooden Pillars and White Open Dining Space near it

Terrace of Home with Wooden Wall and Wide Glass Windows near it

View of Home Facade with Wooden Garage Doors and Wooden Wall near it

Wide Glass Windows and Wooden Wall in Home Exterior near the Grass Yard

Wooden Bed and Grey Quilt in Home Bedroom with Wooden Bedside Table

Wooden Pillars and the Wooden Wall near the Grass Yard outside Home

Wooden Table and Wooden Chairs in Home Dining Room with Small Glass Lamps

Walking into this contemporary home, you will find how the choice of white interior certainly will make it easier in building the airy and light feeling. This is perfectly accentuated by the openness built in this home. As to make each airy and light room feels cozier, the wood element is also employed generously for the interior. Thus, this home certainly benefits the total comfort from the warmth provided by the lovely wooden tone.
Just take a look at this beautiful airy bedroom. Designed in open floor plan, this white bedroom looks totally spacious. This impression is also accentuated by the minimalist approach as part of the interior design. We really adore the hint of wooden tone as seen on the dressers that are placed to maximize the available wall space. See also how the charming wooden tone criss-crossing the white surface perfectly, instantly creating the eye-catchy details to keep this minimalist room appealing effortlessly.

The dining room perfectly displays the stylish contemporary style, only it displays the lovely heartwarming feeling. The choice of wood element for the dining set is wonderfully done in contemporary style, making the dining set looks really stunning. The green splash is not only seen from the greeneries outdoors, but also from the small potted plant. As if the contemporary lighting idea is not quite impressive, this contemporary wood home designs includes the wooden floor tiles and exquisite rug in rich color to displays the eye-catchy detail.

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