Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Quick Tip Tuesday: Simple Sock Sorting

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Quick Tip Tuesday: Simple Sock Sorting

Hooray!  We survived a fun filled, 10 day road trip from Wisconsin to Florida and back.  The trip was just what we all needed... A little relaxation, a lot of sleeping in and days of soaking up end-of-summer sun on the beautiful sandy beaches.  I always miss blogging when I take a few days off, but it is always nice to step away from the computer, pick up a book and just "be" with the crew.

We arrived home a whole day later than planned, so I apologize I am a bit off with my schedule.  Today's tip is one that I have mentioned deep within a post or two before, but I wanted to call it out specifically for anyone who may have missed it because I just love it so much.  Plus, it's nice to keep things easy to find for project gallery purposes.

I have a feeling some of you have lost a sock or two at some point in your life; maybe even on a frequent basis like myself.  I prefer to blame my sock eating washing machine.  Or one of our sock eating dogs.

Quite awhile ago now, I started doing something super simple that prevented us from ever experiencing another sock shortage.  Anyone with a plethora of little boys running around probably knows all too well how quickly socks go missing, become worn or are turned into the latest craft project. 

Are you ready? 

STEP ONE - Grab a mesh garment bag.
STEP TWO - Attach garment bag to side of hamper with clips (or hang a separate sock bag in each family member's closet).

STEP THREE - Toss all dirty socks in mesh bag each day.
STEP FOUR - Zip up mesh bag and wash all socks in a single load.

And that is it!  A sanity saving laundry solution that is about as easy peasy as it gets.  No more missing socks!

  • Purchase a different type/size/brand sock for each family member for easier sorting.
  • If multiple family members prefer the same sock type, mark the soles with a colored Sharpie marker for easier identification.
  • If no hamper or mesh bag is available, use small clips or safety pins to attach matching socks together prior to tossing them into the wash.
  • Keep socks white by adding a dash of oxy-boost or washing powder to the load and washing in cold water.  Bleach will only reduce the life span of your socks.
  • Rolling your socks will keep their form longer than tying/balling them in your drawer.
  • To get my kiddos into the habit of sorting out their socks, I left a sock hanging out of the mesh bag to grab their attention/serve as a reminder.

Bonus tip: Recycle old socks to create the best top knot ever.


With all of the brand new school socks you just stocked up on, there is no better time to give this quick tip a whirl.  Speaking of school, I am spending the rest of this week getting the kids (and myself) prepared and finishing up some school related shopping and projects.  Only a few days of summer vacation remain! 

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