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ceramic floor models 2016 Latest Motif

ceramic floor models 2016 Latest Motif - at this point a lot of model homes, from minimalist to modern fancy, of course, when you search for home design model sesuakanlah the tastes and needs of your family, all right now on the blog Home Zone Design Guidelines we will discuss about ceramic floor models 2016 Latest Motif please read because we have Make a special update for you.

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ceramic floor models 2016 Latest Motif

ceramic floor models 2016 Latest Motif - Ceramic flooring is not the main part of a house, but the role of ceramic floor actually looks in creating comfort and beauty of a home, at the moment a lot of options that range of models, patterns and sizes of ceramic floor so as to make it easier to choose the tiles flooring for home we, now on this occasion we will be presenting some examples of ceramic flooring with the latest models and motifs as reference material you choose and specify a floor tile for the home.

In choosing ceramic floor we should not only pay attention to the motive but also the quality of the floor tiles so that in addition to giving the impression that pretty is also more durable, so before you buy the ceramic should first check the quality, relatively easy way is as follows

Tips for Choosing a Good Quality Ceramic Floor

1. To check whether the quality of both what floor tiles you can try to lift the ceramic tile if when you lift it feels much lighter, it signifies that the ceramic possessed density is less good or porous, so that when installed will be easily broken.

2. Next is to scratch the ceramic, and try to observe whether the cause scratch marks or not, if left scratches can be sure that these ceramics have poor quality.

3. And the last way is to wipe the surface of the ceramic floor tiles, it is aimed at whether there are scars sweep our hands on these ceramics, if there is a used chuck it signifies that the ceramic has a poor quality.

4. Last is to look at the surface of the floor tile is glazed or not, usually more shiny ceramic nice if compared to the usual.

For more details about the latest ceramic models with beautiful motifs you can see in the example that we have prepared below.

Recent examples of Ceramic Floor With gorgeous Motif

ceramic floor houses the latest motif
ceramic floor houses the latest motif

bathroom tiles
examples of ceramic floor tiles for bathrooms

Ceramic floor of the garage
ceramic flooring for garages

The use of a ceramic floor also can be customized according to the user can be in the bathroom, the garage or the house as a whole, let alone to the bathroom, damp areas in the bathroom made easy floor slippery and lead slip, for that you can choose the tiles with a texture which is a little rough.

Selection of color and size of a tile is also very influential in creating the beauty of a home, therefore choose ceramic color matching or harmonious with the overall color of your house, okay maybe it was just our discussion this time hopefully with a motif of ceramic articles latest models can inspire.

articles about ceramic floor models 2016 Latest Motif has finished in the study, we hope you feel satisfied with less of this article and give you infirasi in building your dream home, if you will forgive please share this link make it more useful for many people.